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I am not dead yet, I am self isolating because of the Coronavirus. So for now I am having a hiatus from hiking and adventuring. I would like you tell you about my travel and adventures before Covid19 happened.

On the 7th of March of 2020 I went camping with my group called Tribu (Tribe) Nice we were comprise of part of six companions. Our preparation started Saturday evening and we departed at 7pm. We grab the jeepney at JY Square in Lahug, Cebu City and we arrived at Mountain View about 8:30 pm. I discovered something about myself, I really enjoy night hiking because of the pleasant temperature as well as the dreamy moon and the sparkling stars. One of the bonuses of hiking at night time is seeing the candle light and shimmering aura of Cebu Skyline.

Our trek took an hour in travel time because we have to respect the conditions e.g traveling at night time. We also had a new member with us, we had to take care of them as well. This workout fantastically well since it gave us plenty of opportunities to take photos and to improve out photography in night time conditions. With our photography we spent some time with a longer exposure to improve our shots. Not long after this we settled down and set up the camp and we prepared our banquet.

I was relaxing and I had a few beers when a group of young people approach our group in conversation. They spoke about going down on buying some food and drink on their motorbike and they ask if our group to get anything at all. Some of the group stay behind and we got to know them. They turn off their speaker and listen to our music on my UE Megaboom. The atmosphere of the music made them divulge that these young men were mostly heart broken. And hiking and camping helps heal their souls. It was coincidence that I too use this travel technique and relax and gain harmony and tranquility to my own personal life. Isn’t funny how you meet like minded people on adventures like this. Our congregation set down around the fire listening to the tunes on the UE Megaboom and I needed to fell asleep because I was drunk. Yes everybody I sleep like a deadlock.

The next morning I woke up feeling like warmed up death! To my chagrin breakfast had been prepared and I was the last lazy bum to get in to gear. ” Yes children drinking is bad.” This blurry eyed person did not really had an opportunity this morning to see the beauty of the sunrise because of my hangover. We preceded to catch a jeepney to Himbabawud waterfalls. It took approximately 30 mins and 30php to arrived at our destination. By this time I felt like a human and I had recovered enough to enjoy the mornings entertainments. ” Beer bad bad bad.” I am looking forward to go on swimming at the waterfalls and to relax in the majestic sounds of Gaia.

I really adore Himbabawud falls it is spectacular and its my personal favorite. However there can be a dark side to life if you’re not prepared for it. I was swimming with my bikini when I heard a very loud squeal and splashing noised behind me. One of my friend was admiring the waterfall and fell into the waterfall. Everything was fine after we got her successfully to the water’s edge. The biggest problem was my friend turned into a 300 kilogram gorilla and tried to drown. I was lucky enough to restrain and remove myself from this drowning person and rescue her. I am now aware that everybody who came into this camping trip has no clue how rescue people and swim. From now on I am going to make sure that my friends and fellow hiking buddies to know how to swim and to learn the basic fundamental of survival e.g swimming. This really scared me and I think about the things about gone wrong often. So preparation is super important as well as education on this topic. I do not want to lose my friends or even drown myself. Someone told me that he would spank me if I drown 🙂

Bringing a floating aid such as a thin rope connecting to a 2 liter bottle of coke with a little bit of water inside the bottle to add weight to it. So the coke bottle has enough kinetic energy when thrown to a drowning person and they can be pulled to safety. Everyone needs to practice and simulate this in shallow water first before entering the water. So they have survivor skills and can rescue their friends. Even if you can’t swim you can still save somebody. When people panic they have no clue on what they’re doing and survival instinct takes over 100% and this is how I almost drown trying to rescue my friend. When I approach my friend and told her to relax she turned into a frenzied wild cat that wanted to sit on my head at all cost. There is no way to speak to them and calm them down this is why you need to have a rescue plan in place. And what was really odd was my friend had some reflections beforehand, pondering what would happen if someone fell into the water. And yes it ended up being her. I am going to try and make sure that common sense is put into place when were around water or slippery surfaces. I personally know what its like bouncing down a mountain.

Safe travels, wear appropriate footwear, take care happy hiking/camping!

Your wild eyed Adventurer ,


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